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Asking For It

‘It’s Friday night, the heat is on, and all you want is to be the best version of yourself.

Meet Gemma and Sarah, self-made, motivational speakers who are passionate and obsessed with giving women pathways to success and empowerment through their 6 week transformational journey – “Keep improving, keep changing! That’s empowerment, that’s taking control!”

Now meet Isabelle and Hannah, artists making work about Feminism, passionate about seeking the same empowerment but looking inside not out. The can is open, the worms are…wiggling!

Performed with delicious humour Asking For It celebrates the ridiculous and desperate in equal measure.

From movie screens to magazine covers sexuality is policed and promoted in conflicting ways. In their latest work PINCH explore this territory in search of a way to simply be yourself.

Expect dynamic two-hander comedy, fighting and a club mix you’ll never forget….’


Asking For It’ looks at what it means to come into your fullest potential. Keen to get people talking about private and public worlds of sexual expression, PINCH’s latest work explores the phrase ‘asking for it’ through dance theatre, with a healthy dose of humour.  

From the street to the bedroom, squeezed between shame and fetishisation, female sexuality is policed and promoted in conflicting ways. So in this work we examine how our relationship to our sexuality impacts on the way people treat themselves and each other. How can we genuinely enable the greatest freedom for one another in this world? What are the obstacles to freedom?


Press/Quotes for AFI:

Hannah and Issy’s work is at once observational, deeply thought through and delivered with a real lightness and warmth. Very funny women addressing massively important issues.’ – Emma Bettridge – Bristol Old Vic

Articulate, irreverent, profound and very very funny.  PINCH have developed an articulate, honest and deeply thought provoking theatrical language that explores desperately important issues in a playful, funny way. They are unique’

Tim Bell – The Pound Arts, Corsham

ED RAPLEY – Outside Eye Direction

“I found it incredibly rewarding to work with PINCH, their high level of skill, dedication to the project and artistic integrity enabled us to bring a contentious subject to life for audiences with openness and imagination.”

“Asking For It lends itself to being the resounding reality of the intricacies of female identity…this poignant piece should not be missed.”  Hailey McLeod – Resolution 2015 on Asking For It

‘Bright sparks Hannah Kew and Isabelle Cressy aka PINCH..Two to keep an eye on.” – Donald Hutera – The Times

Audience Response:

Fearless, honest and breathtakingly moving.” – Clare Bonnet

Very sexy, thought-provoking and powerful. Moments of uncomfortable awkwardness contrasted with raucous hilarity and beautiful dance. Stayed with me for a long time afterwards- thank you!” – Anna Nicholsby

“really funny, engaging and thought provoking!” #askingforit – Rosanna Cook audience member

“Loved #AskingForIt @BristolOldVic 2night with @IsabelleCressy & HannahK Everyone should spend an hour with them.” Peter Williams audience member

#AskingForIt @PINCH1st @BristolOldVic = FANTASTIC! funny, thoughtful, inspiring, unique dance theatre

TONIGHT ONLY! GO BRISTOL GO TONIGHT!” – Jesse Meadows (Wardrobe Theatre) audience member


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